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A Billion Dollars Worth of Art.
20,736 spaces.

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Your Pixels, Your Rules

There are only 2,073,600 pixels in the BDMC canvas and each block of 10x10 stores an image (or a portion of an image) using IPFS Technology, and has it’s representation on the Ethereum blockchain through an NFT (Non-Fungible Token.)

Vivid Imagination Wall Art

We envisioned a collaborative canvas with a billion dollars worth of art. No matter who you are, you can participate in this evolving real estate. Be a part of the history of the Blockchain, customize your own piece and unleash your creativity once and forever.

Sell them or rent them

The owner of each pixel can sell them, rent them, replace the image or trade them in a public and free-market place.


Each 10x10 pixel block portion of the canvas can only be owned by one person via NFT. A true real estate.

Billion Dollar Market Cap is a growing community that believes in the power of history and legacy, and the importance of its persistence through time. You can buy any portion of the canvas with $PIXEL token. Let's Transcend together forever.

the canvas

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The best tech


Users are able to “mint” a 10x10 pixel NFT, ERC721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that is produced when they complete the uploading process on the canvas. This gives them a piece of the Canvas that they own, which they can hold onto or trade.


All the data of images on canvas is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. IPFS provides deduplication, high performance, and clustered persistence — empowering BDMC information for future generations.


The distributed ledger technology adds efficiency, transparency and security for all transactions in the canvas of Billion Dollar Market Cap.

"Investors are still expecting that more innovators in vertical industries would launch another amazing blockchain projects."

"Investors may not be clamoring to buy offices and hotels right now, but in virtual reality, property deals are surging and attracting millions of real-life dollars."

"Virtual-Reality World Turns Digital Currency Into Cold Cash"

"The Billion Dollar Market Cap (NFT Platform) Announces Partnerships with Artists and Presents Gallery on their Canvas"

"Investors are still expecting that more innovators in vertical industries would launch another amazing blockchain projects."

A Billion Dollars Worth of Art

How we plan to evolve in iUPixel!


Q4 -2020

Foundation of iUPixel

Q1 - 2021

Uniswap PIXEL/wPE pair is created & iUPixel LP Rewards starts on Bees.Social

Q2 - 2021

BDMC Development & community vesting strategies - PIXEL token distribution dynamics.

Q3 - 2021

Release of Billion Dollar Market Cap and ongoing updates/upgrades.

Q4 - 2021

Gamification is coming to BDMC. The virtual land you purchase today will serve an important purpose 😉

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